Module 2 — Setup



Module 1 — Introduction

Module 2 — Setup

Module 3 — Writing 101

Module 4 — Drawing 101

Module 5 — Organize

Module 6 — Focus

Module 7 — Writing 102

Module 8 — Paper for work


2 replies on “Module 2 — Setup”

Hi Mathias,
Your online courses are excellent. I was excited to download the latest version of paper 53 to a freshly updated ios 10 on my iPad 2 to only discover the new Paper 53 app has changed it’s look completely!

This means that the tips in your course only apply for those who do not have the latest paper 53 version on their iPads.

New features include a text editor function however the “moleskine-like” function has been removed (boo…)

Yes I know. They changed a lot. Right now it’s too costly for me to keep updating my course for the new versions of Paper.
I do think that a lot of the thinking is still relevant even if the app looks different. How to write legibly and organize ideas on the page are still the same.

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