Brand new Strategy Cards and an updated version of the Question Cards (formerly Clarity Cards) are live on now.

The Strategy Cards help you make your strategy simple and clear.

The Question Cards have a set of self-reflection prompts that you can use for journaling or in conversation.

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The Question Cards are made in collaboration with Dave Gray, based on self-reflection prompts in Mathias’ notebooks and our collective facilitation experience.



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You can alsoย read the story about how we created the questions for the deck.

63 thoughts on “Strategy Cards & Question Cards

  1. Mathias, you truly inspires me. Clarity Cards is truly brilliantly eye opener concept.

    Definitely interested! Please add me on Kickstarter launch.

  2. Hi Mathias, would love to know when you kick off with the kickstarter session or when the cards are available

    Cheers Bert

  3. This is great. It makes me think of ‘Cards Against Humanity’, but the principle is almost the opposite… ‘Cards For Humanity’!

    Keep me posted!

  4. Thanks so much for creating these. Please email when the Kickstarter launches or disregard if you will feature in your Think Clearly Newsletter.


  5. let me know when these are available! love your newsletter and e-mails, and i continue to journal – thanks

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