How will a short video-course help you?

Five short modules. Four exercises to practice. $20 dollars (for 1 month premium subscription). Supposedly with marvelous results. It just sounds a bit too good to be true, right?

That’s exactly how I felt before I made the course. I thought: this is so obvious and basic. How could anyone possibly benefit from this?

But once I made it and started selling it online I began to get feedback. One woman wrote me and told that she had been in a car accident several years ago:

“I used to be very adaptable at tapping into both my left and right brain but after a car accident, my creativity has suffered. This course has really helped me to use what I have to get back in touch with what I lost. I really enjoyed it and will use what I learned. Recommend it … definitely :)”

—Eve, 2015

I am still very proud of that, even though it’s more than seven years ago now. Now the course is old, and I’ve been too embarrassed to watch it again, until very recently. It’s not high production value. The audio is mostly ok, but not more than that. The image shakes a bit here and there. One day I would like to re-shoot it. But you know what? I wouldn’t really change the content or flow. The core ideas are there, ready to use, delivered with passion, and because it’s highly condensed, the whole thing takes less than 20 minutes in total.

So what is it that you will learn?

You will learn…

  • When using pen and paper is superior to digital tools
  • How to get started on the blank page
  • How to write legibly
  • How to draw good enough that you could make money from it
  • And most importantly, how to use writing and drawing with paper and pen, to enhance the way you think, create clarity for yourself and others, and to begin feeling that you are in control

Are you ready to begin?

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