About Mathias

Mathias Jakobsen has always been excited by seeing people blossom as they overcome challenges by holding a safe space where they can harvest their learnings along the way.

Mathias built Think Clearly, initially as a consulting firm working with Google, Bloomberg, Holstee and others. Think Clearly later evolved to become a media brand with tools and content around learning, teaching, facilitation and creativity. Mathias also worked at SYPartners, helping leadership teams through organizational transformation, and at Hyper Island, where he facilitated executive learning programs in North and South America. He also taught strategic design and management at Parsons School of Design.

Mathias has spoken at Data Of Tomorrow in Amsterdam, KPMG tech in New York, Korean Public Design Expo in Seoul, Future of Advertising in Denmark and others.

Mathias holds an MS and BA, both from Aarhus University in Denmark.

Outside of work, Mathias enjoys baking bread and raising his three kids.

“My purpose is to see people blossom as they overcome challenges, by holding a safe space for harvesting learnings along the way.

This is all I want to do. With my kids. With my friends. With my colleagues. With my clients. With my students. With strangers.

I want to see it. With my own eyes. And I truly believe that the very act of seeing it, while being an open and non-judgmental witness, is in itself a form of support.”

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