Volume 7

#7.21 Prepare to receive some feedback

Hello Amazing!
I’ve been fascinated with feedback for a long time. Why most people (incl. myself) do it so rarely, how it works, how it feels, and how it might be better. Most recently it occurred to me that as I listen to someone giving me valuable feedback, I’m constantly worried about what they might say next, while secretly hoping to hear something super positive. In preparation for a feedback session I tried to write these things down in advance: 

1) What I was hoping to hear (I was in a tough moment, unsure of myself and my contribution and was really hoping to hear some positive validation)
2) What I realistically could expect to hear (I know I haven’t been very proactive lately, so I could easily expect to hear that, which made it less scary) 
3) What I was trying to understand. 

How do you prepare yourself to give and get feedback? 

With much love  — Mathias

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