Volume 7

#7.20 To break an undesirable habit

Hello Amazing!
I’m not against smartphones or technology in general, but I find the habit-making trigger—action—reward feedback loop to be much too powerful to control. My willpower just isn’t strong enough to resist the constant temptation of quickly checking my phone, and thus I found myself looking at it for hours every day. Until I had enough. I added a 35-digit password to unlock my phone. This is a huge obstacle! Whenever I’m triggered to look at my phone and see the prompt I usually just give up and put it away again. It’s annoying. And that’s the point. The effect is that I’ve broken habit that I found undesirable. What habits do you have, that are undesirable to you, and how might you interject an obstacle to help break it? 
With much love  

— Mathias

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