Volume 7

#7.19 Executing the wrong idea

Hello Amazing!
I used to worry about finding the right idea, so that I wouldn’t waste effort on executing the wrong thing. Then I learned that I could minimize the risk of going with the wrong idea by executing really fast (many of my projects were birthed this way). But in my work at SYPartners I’m learning a third path: we pick the best idea that we have (even it it might not be perfect) and then we execute it really really really well. When we show it to our client, new ideas inevitably come up, but it turns out the execution isn’t wasted. A surprisingly large amount of it can be re-used, because it was executed well. I’m trying to apply the same method to my book writing as I’m working with my editor Helen. The book we have agreed to write together right now might not be right. But writing it well will (hopefully) help in the same way.  
With much love  

— Mathias

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