Thinking Clearly — Archive of past newsletters Volume 4

#406 Using your inner critic for good



Hello amazing!

Two weeks ago, on April 7th, 2015, our daughter Uma was born. A very special day- especially because it’s also the day my mother would have turned 56. Uma is healthy, eating and sleeping and we are tired and happy parents. ❤️

Before Uma was born I was working on a project, and although it seemed to be going really well, I was overwhelmed with a highly critical voice in my head. I had this flood of negative thoughts- mainly unconstructive criticism of what everyone around me was doing. My friend and mentor Sarah suggested that I just write it all down instead of trying to ignore it, and it really helped. Seeing it on paper allowed me to find the useful 2%.

Critic-> Write it down-> Filter with appreciation-> Trash 98%-> 2%

The useful 2% helped me see where we were relative to where we want to be, creating creative tension.

Where you are -> “pull” creative tension-> Where you want to be

With love,


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