Volume 4

#405 How to change your beliefs (and live the life you want)



Hello amazing!
You are always free to believe anything you want to believe. Anything! Even if it directly contradicts the so-called “facts.” Their are people still don’t believe in climate change and santa claus, despite piles on evidence. Here’s how you do it:

1. What do you want to believe?(Key to happiness here. Your choice!) For example, I want to be beautiful I have beauty so why not believe I am?
2. Do you currently believe that? If not, then what exactly do you believe about the chosen topic? e.g. I believe that I am of pretty average physical appearance. (The “fact”).
3. Use creativity to invent supporting theories and beliefs that explain away any inconvenient “facts” and make it easy to believe what you stated above. e.g. “Real beauty comes through the way you smile with your eyes.” That makes it easier to believe for me. (Get creative!)
4. Lastly, if you truly believed what you stated in 2) then how would your actions and behaviours be different? For me, I would walk with better posture, and smile more. Begin acting this way, and quickly your new belief will be real.

Repeat until you’re satisfied.

With love,

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