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#112 – You decide what you want to believe.

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Hello amazing!

In addition to my coaching sessions, I have been doing a bit of teaching recently, and I love it. Last week I launched a video based online class where you can learn my notebook techniques in a few hours. Check it out on Udemy, and get $20 off if you use the coupon NEWSLETTERLOVE before November 26th. And Thursday night I gave a guest lecture at Pratt for some of the design students. The following is based on an exercise I did with them.


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You can point to a misalignment between your values and actions, like the shoppers above. But today we will go a level deeper and look at our beliefs and how we can change them.


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My wife’s doctor seemed to believe that his only job was to ensure that our baby was doing well. A valid belief indeed. However, he did nothing to help my wife and calm her down – he didn’t seem to listen to her concerns. What if he had chosen a different belief? If he had chosen to believe that the pregnant woman’s fears and anxieties are just as important? How would his actions have been different?


What do you believe?

It’s not that any belief is inherently better – what matters is how it leads us to act. Thus at the core of this is the fact that we can choose to believe what we want to, and choose according to how we want to live. If I truly believe that rain is a gift from the clouds and I value gifts, then I will act differently when it rains.



Fill the blanks/answer:

1: it is generally believed that the purpose of my profession/work ______________ is to __________________.

2: This belief currently leads me to act in the following ways: ____________________________

3: What other beliefs could I choose that would give different courses of action?


With love until next week.



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