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#111 – What would your dream company look like?

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Hello most wonderful people

When I was about 14 years old I had a dream about running a company. I had recently learned downhill skiing and loved it, and I was learning to develop websites. I thought to myself: how great would it be to run a company based in the Swiss alps, ski in the morning and work in the afternoon? If you could build an ideal company or organization, how would it be?


Draw me a picture

This week try illustrating your answers. Draw simple doodles and annotate to highlight essential features.

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_Where would your organization be located? Why?

_How big? How many people?

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_What would your office look like? In a perfect world.

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_What would be the ideal price model?

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_What product or service could you deliver?

_What would a normal day look like?


Thank you for all your support, your lovely responses warm my heart.

With love until next week. Mathias





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