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#109 – What are you doing these days?

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Hello Gorgeous!

People often ask me about my coaching method (coaching creative and entrepreneurial people around the world, is my core business). How does the process work, and where do we begin? The former question could be a topic of a book, but for the latter I can give a concrete example. A long time friend of mine wanted to hire me (most of my clients are friends initially–and all of my clients, so far, have become dear friends eventually). He’s based in Zürich (I love long haul commutes) and last time he was in NYC we had a burger at Lighthouse and talked. This is the initial exercise I designed for him.


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You will need

_Notebook + pens

_15-20 minutes

_A cup of steaming hot fresh coffee to go



Make a comprehensive list of all the activities you do on a regular week. From sleep and showers to work, play, coffee and cooking. Include everything.

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Map the activities you find most relevant onto a map like above, based on how much time it takes and if it gives you energy or drains your energy. Some may be single points. Some may cover an area.



Which of the activities would you like to shift and push? For example I would like to spend less time on worries. Add arrows to mark the direction. I would like to spend more time on client sessions because I love it so much.

Are there any activities you could turn from draining to giving energy by doing them slower? By spending more time on it? For example, putting Noah (my son) to sleep is often a more giving experience if I don’t rush it.


Thank you for subscribing! Lots of love and have an amazing week.



(Traduction française disponible)


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