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#107 – This week we do lunches with friends and fly private jets.

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Hello amazing!

About a year and a half ago my friend told me something that really shifted my thinking: he said “my career vision is to always do lunches with friends.” First I thought it was a joke but no. He meant it – and as I began to believe him, I also realized how powerful such a vision can be. He didn’t say: I want to be the world’s best recruiter, even though that’s what he does. After this I went hunting for my own equivalent.



These exercises are not easy. It took me more that a year to reframe my own vision clearly. So be patient. Maybe do it multiple times.

1) Imagine that you have climbed to the top of your field or where you may want to go. You’re sixty years old perhaps. Now imagine one specific day and write down what happens. Where are you? What are you doing? Write down all the details. What does it look like? What do you see?


These days, where social good is in high fashion everywhere, I personally found it hard to admit that my vision included flying around the world in a private jet to coach the world’s leading creative entrepreneurs. Jets are too extravagant and I was afraid to be judged by others. However, it was also such a clear image that I have kept it, so use whatever images you see.


2) read through your descriptions and identify all the most tangible and concrete elements. Another friend is an author and in her vision there was a NY Times book section where her book was on the top of the bestseller list.




3) Which of these tangible objects resonate the most with you? What is it about them? E.g. I love being on airplanes – I love the quiet space for creative thinking.

4) Can any of these tangible elements “hold” your vision? Be the symbol of the whole thing?

5) how can you bring these elements into your life right now? My friend made a fake future bestselling list, framed it and hung it on her wall. I built a massive model of a jet in LEGO.


Thank you for your kind support, for being in my life. With love until next week. Mathias




The LEGO jet




Built entirely from white LEGO bricks that I bought in bulk on Ebay. The models is about 1 m / 3 feet long. I built it while looking at photos of a Gulfstream V. The landing gear retracts. The cabin door opens and the staircase folds out. The entire fuselage can also be opened to reveal a custom designed living room.





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