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#101 – a lesson in time travel

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Dear friends
This week I felt that my work was like walking into a sea of uncertainty. Deeper and deeper into the dark waters. Looking back, I see behind me a solid path. And then it dawned on me that this is how it has always felt. I’ve always been on the shore, walking into the water. So, it’s hard to see the path in front of me, yet easy to see it when I look back, so I wonder: if I can time-travel to the end, I would be able to look back. What if I use my imagination to clearly imagine what would be the end of my business, and from that mental point try to look back? That’s the exercise for this week.


Try to imagine when your work is done. When you are no longer needed. Maybe your business will live on but you’ve done your part. And you’ve done it very well. Now write your resignations letter. You’re free to write it in any format you like, but you may consider some of these questions for inspiration: who are you writing to? What are the proudest moments you look back on? Why are you resigning? What are your hopes for the future of the business?
Optionally, you can also write a profile of yourself as if you were featured on the cover of Time magazine or some other publication that you like. Please consider when this will be published, and try to hit the language and tone – seeing yourself from the outside.


With love until next week.

Newsletter 101


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