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Do you ever feel stuck in your job, a project or your life in general? I want to try something: I will make myself available for quick coaching, counsel, support via chat.

Do you ever feel a bit stuck? Facing a tough decision? A scary challenge? I have decided to make myself available for 1-to-1 help and support.

It works like my newsletter, just personal to your particular challenge: You simply reach out and describe your challenge and I will create a little exercise you can do in 5-15 minutes, and we go from there, for as long as you want help.

There is no special app. You just setup a monthly payment and then reach out on Twitter (direct message), WhatsApp, iMessage or SMS.

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Why am I doing this?

Because I know I can help people if we sit together in comfortable chairs, draw together and drink coffee and talk for 2-3 hours, but that’s limited to a handful of people. Because I know my newsletter helps people think in new ways, but that’s me pushing ideas on you. What if you can easily come to me with a challenge?

Please also read the guidelines.


What do you think about this? Feel free to leave a comment below, Tweet or e-mail me.

9 replies on “Think Clearly Chat Support”

Hi, I’d love to get involved. How do we take senior leadship on the journey of digital when they are stuck in the past.


Hi Mathias,

The concept of your app is incredible. I spend a lot of my time giving advice to people that I know, and your app is a beautiful way to give some thoughts to a stranger.

I’m interested in learning more about it.


My name is George
I really liked your idea of doing Classes with you!
I like to make drawings and paintings and I couldnt find the painting tools that where in the old version of Paper are those tools like the paint brush available on the new version? How to access them?
Thanks George

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