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In order to use Think Clearly Chat Support you simply contact me with your challenge through one of these chat channels. Mobile/desktop. Whatever you prefer.

That’s it! I look much forward to helping you.


I’ve tried other alternatives like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout and completely separate apps, but they have all had issues when connecting with strangers. However, if you have a suggestion for a different channel I’m always open to hear from you.

Questions/problems/suggestions? Leave a comment below, Tweet or e-mail me.

4 replies on “Chat Support Channels”

Hi Mathias
I’ m from Switzerland, using paper 53 and pencil since half a year. Congratulations for your KISS videos I’ve looked at this morning. As a sport-teacher, I’m always interested in efficient ways of learning.
You will hear from me, because your know-how and your competence to explain is great.
Have a look, if you want, to my Swiss/Germann Homepage.
Thanks a lot for your helping videos to make my live interesting.
The best Idea I agree with you: Combine digital and analog: that’s the point!
Have a nice day

Hi Mathias ! Congratulations for your work! I find your tips I receive by mail very useful to think more clearly about my tasks! About your question: Have you tried to set up a Slack channel for run communications with foreigners? Bye!

I have a slack team. I haven’t yet found a reason that this is better for the user than using platforms that people already use.

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