Chat Support Guidelines

As an experiment I have launched Think Clearly Chat Support — a service where you come to me with your current problem/challenge/issue and I try to help you. All through simple chat messages. Here’s how you get setup.


Simple guidelines*

You come with a problem, challenge or other issue. You contact me via chat. No calls.

I will try to support by asking questions that can help you explore the challenge in a new way. You may have to take time to explore these new questions before the conversation continues.

The chat is open 24/7 and I will respond as quickly as I can, but I am also a husband and father of two, so during weekends you can expect slower responses.

My promise

My promise is that I will try my best to support, and that you will always get an answer, but I can’t solve your challenge for you. All I can do is help you find your own solution.

Conversations are fully confidential.

Both you and me can choose to end the conversation if one feels that it is going nowhere.


(*) These will change and evolve as I figure out what works and doesn’t work.


Questions/comments? Leave a comment below, Tweet or e-mail me.

2 replies on “Chat Support Guidelines”

I have a daughter in college who is very idealistic and wanting to help the world, yet does not help herself…nor is she focusing on a strong career that would actually help others . She is too involved in getting good feelings by helping other……not honest help in my view. I also see a lot of her college friends in a robot move up the ladder act…with very little think out of box thoughts or honest thinking but more in fear mode of failing. What advice/journal page to help theses kids do you have? How to help them move in a more flexible and honest way. How to reach self honesty?
no rush on answer….take care of your little ones and wife.

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