Digital Transformation

One of the most frequent requests I hear from companies and leaders is that they need help with digital transformation. However, few people I meet actually pause to define what they mean with “digital”. For me it is both simple and profound: I think the best way to understand this is to think of the world with internet.

An internet paradigm

The internet is a constantly evolving mesh of related and connected technologies, systems and behaviors. There are, however, some clear patterns in the way the internet amplifies aspects of our lives, and this has implications for how we do business.

  • Expectation of zero friction (who wants to wait for an e-mail?)
  • It’s social (you may like it or hate it, but we are social animals)
  • Everything like software (what happens when food is just code?)

Let me tell you a story:

AirBNB and Rolls Royce

One of the strategies that seems to thrive in the internet paradigm is prioritizing Access over Ownership.¬†From the guests’ perspective AirBNB offers exactly that: you no longer need to own vacation homes all over the world because you can get frictionless access and only pay for it when you need it. My friend Per lives only in AirBNB. I think it is successful because it relies on the same amplified behaviors mentioned above: it’s less friction than a hotel, more social and reduces waste. This seems obvious for consumers but it applies equally well for large scale industrial applications. Take the example of Rolls Royce Total Care. Instead of buying jet engines and maintenance contracts, American Airlines can now simply pay for KWh of energy delivered in the air. They no longer need to own the jet engine, they just need access to the energy it produces. This powerfully aligns the incentives for Rolls Royce to make increasingly reliable and easy to repair engines, to collect and analyze data that help detect and fix potential breakdowns before they happen. Since they only get paid when the engine works, they need to constantly get better at this.

Three types of engagements:

I offer three ways of engagement:

  1. Coaching & Advisory (typically a monthly retainer)
  2. Keynotes & workshops
  3. Large scale transformation consulting (in partnership with SYPartners)

Shared amongst all of these is that you get the same clarity of thought and deeply human approach, that you will find in all my other Think Clearly work.


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