Coaching, Advisory & Visual Consulting

Whatever you are trying to achieve, building a startup, leading your team, inventing something new, it can be valuable to have someone who is fully on your side, helping you see through the clouds of emotional ups and down. Someone who believes in you but also challenges you. Someone who helps you see the big picture without losing sight of the smallest actions.

I mix between coaching (asking questions to help you find your own answers), advisory (based on my past experience) and visual consulting (drawing out challenges on paper) based on your current challenges in order to help you stay clear, excited and on track. I Look much forward to work with you.

What you get:

  • A regular cadence of 2 sessions per month (in person or via call)
  • Support via calls as needed for urgent issues
  • A deck of Clarity Cards

Cost: $1000/month

Simplest terms:

  • Fully confidential
  • Monthly payment in advance
  • Full satisfaction or money back



Have questions or want to get started? Simply e-mail or text me on +1.347.987.5098.