Volume 7

#7.26 Aim to do the right things poorly

Hello amazing!
It’s been a while since I last wrote a new Think Clearly newsletter. One month ago we moved from Brooklyn to Copenhagen and I’ve started a new job with Implement Consulting Group which is very exciting. Yesterday I was in my first delivery, in a workshop with a leadership team and we talked about the matrix above. In a changing world, incumbent companies are at great risk of drifting gradually from the top left towards the top right: you keep on doing what you do well, even if it’s less relevant. It’s also easy for incumbent firms to dismiss a startup, since many successful startups initially obsess over being in the left column, even if they are in the bottom left. Chances are that they will learn and move upward. Lastly, I thought about it on an individual level, as I am new in this job. I’m trying to remind myself that if I want to do the right things well, I need to first be open to what the right things are, instead of sticking with my experience and just doing what I do well. 

What insights does this 2×2 give you in your current situation? Where are you? Which direction are you trying to move? 

Also, if you are in or near Copenhagen and would like to grab coffee, please let me know. 

With much love  

— Mathias

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