Volume 7

#7.25 Are you doing the right homework?

Hello amazing!
I love reminding other people how real learning can be quite hard while I tend to believe that this somehow doesn’t apply to me, only to be shocked when it’s suddenly my turn. Alas, the past months have been challenging. This is what I’ve learned about myself: for most of the past decade I have shown up in life as an artist, meaning: regardless of the situation or moment I’ve generally done whatever I wanted to do. It’s a bit like going to class, pretending that all classes are art classes, but lately I’ve found myself in situations where the expectations of me are different. Now I gotta figure out what each moment is actually about ahead of time, and make sure I do the right homework for it. 

How do you know what your ‘homework’ is in each moment? 

With much love  

— Mathias

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