Volume 7

#7.12 1:1 feedback or a self-reinforcing loop

Hello Amazing!
A lot of people have asked my about my teaching practice both at Parsons and in my own workshops. One of my principles, is to avoid relying too much on 1:1 feedback with each student, and instead focus on first building a very safe but also ambitious space amongst the students, where they learn from each other. This can build a self-reinforcing mechanism. That way, once I do give some more direct insight to one person, there’s a chance that these ideas will spread amongst them and be amplified. This idea, and many more of my ideas and principles around facilitation and learning, I’m trying to put together into a coherent whole (aka. a book). If you want to help me by giving feedback on super early book drafts, please share your contact info here
With much love  

— Mathias

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