Volume 7

#7.07 Work as an investment portfolio

Issue 7.06

Hello Amazing!
About a month ago I started working full time at SYPartners, a consulting firm in NYC where I have freelanced in the past, and that I truly love. These first five weeks have been nothing less than amazing.
Shifting from freelance to full time employment, however, affects how much time and energy I spend on short, medium and long term work. I think of it like an investment portfolio, with a mix of assets to achieve the right balance of risk and stability. As an independent I spent roughly half my time delivering client work, 35% on relationships and selling new work, and the rest on more long term ideas like this newsletter and my podcast. With a job, almost all my time is spent on short term work, which is how it should be, but I’m intentionally using a bit of what’s left on ‘very long term’ work, in this case a book. I have hired a freelance editor that I have worked with in the past, to help me gather my ideas and create some order. 
How are you balancing your work portfolio? and are you getting the desired outcomes? 
With much love  

— Mathias

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