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#206 – I love what I do


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I just recently discovered your site. I love your handwritten goodness and read a dozen of them so far. Confidence and self-worth is probably my favorite topic so far. Although I am not sure how group 2 helps with my self worth?

I hope to your explore this topic in more detail in your future written goodness.


So glad to hear…
The purpose of knowing who is in group 2 (the people that don’t value your work) is so that you can be aware of it and act accordingly. Some of the people in group 2 you can probably simply avoid spending time with. Even if they were once your friends, perhaps they should no longer be allowed too close. Others (e.g. family members) might be harder to avoid but you can at least prepare yourself in advance, knowing that these are people that might suck the energy out of you if you are not keenly aware that it’s just what they do… Does this make sense? Otherwise, please ask again. I would love to help…

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