Thinking Clearly — Archive of past newsletters Volume 2

#214 – where do you live – and where are you going?


I never thought about it before, but I have realized this week that for most of my life I have been camping out on the shores of reality. Beyond the norms and rules of the so-called real world. It has been great but I also know deep inside that is is time for me to come back to the real world. And it scares me. Living at the frontier can be scary but I’m used to that. For me, the real world is truly the unknown. I don’t think it is better to live at the frontier, but I think it is important to understand where you actually live— and to ask herself if you are in the right place. Try this:

1. Draw your own map -it may look different

2. Where do you live and where do you go to? Perhaps you live in the real world and work as a person who takes people on tours to the frontier. Maybe you live in between.

3. Where do you really want to be?

The real world:
-Social norms
-Rigidity and stability

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