Visual Thinking Bootcamp for Teams

In this bootcamp you and your team will learn the essential tools and techniques that will allow you to use a regular notebook as a power tool for your mind. Yes we will draw with pens, but this is not an arts class and drawing skills are not required (actually it’s best if you can’t draw at all!). Yes, you will learn how to have legible handwriting but this is not calligraphy. Yes you will be journaling about your feelings but this is not a therapy session.

It’s a THINKING session. It’s a way to integrate your creative and analytical brain. To be structured without becoming rigid. To be creative without loosing focus.

In the end you will:

  • Learn effective techniques to transform frustration into valuable learning opportunities.
  • Dramatically increase your ability to visually communicate your ideas and facilitate groups.
  • Become a better leader, through reflection and self-mastery.


The course will be tailored to the needs of your team. It can be done as a half-day or full-day workshop and works with groups from 5-20 people.


If you are interested in this course or have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me at


I also offer this course as an open course in multiple cities all over the world.

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