World Tour / Bootcamp

In this one day bootcamp you will learn the essential tools and techniques that will allow you to use a regular notebook as a power tool for your mind.

Based on the insights of the past five years of doing Think Clearly, this one-day workshop and class is an active journey through visual thinking, self reflection and agile collaboration.
More than 100 people have taken this class in cities all over the world including Sydney, London, New York, São Paulo and Zurich.

Where’s next?

I’m currently planning courses for 2017. If you would like to be a local ambassador and help bring the course to your city, please get in touch.

— São Paulo + Rio de Janeiro in partnership with School of Design Thinking. Sign up here.

Also, coming soon: Toronto, Dubai, Sydney, Panama and many more. 



Questions & Answers

Learnings from my first five classes.

Read more about why I have decided to go on world tour.

How to define visual thinking? What is it and what isn’t it?

How can visual thinking change the way we process information?

How can note takers go visual?

How can you determine what kind of thinker you are?

What is the science behind visual thinking?

What are the learning objectives for the course?