Volume 7

#7.16 The anatomy of mentorship

Hello Amazing!
Throughout my life I have had many mentors who have believed in me, supported me, challenged me and inspired me.* From an uncle who was willing to attempt an explanation of molecular structures when I was a very young child, to leaders who have guided me through major life transitions. I am eternally grateful. However, I recently realized that I have also been holding on emotionally to some of the relationships of the past, with a negative attachment. A mix of mourning and guilt related to the way the mentoringrelationship seemed to just gradually fade out. I think this is unnecessary. In Robert Greene’s book Mastery he writes about how it’s inevitable that you will grow apart. Perhaps it’s a good thing.  
With much love  

— Mathias

(*) My mentors, both past and present: Thomas V., Mike J., Klaus M., Jakob L., Annemette U., Carsten W., Rasmus V., Michael K., Susan K., Fabian P., Nico L., Kane S., Nilofer M., Dave G., Tom K., Dev A., Lisa M., Marcus G., Thomas P., Sarah G.

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