Volume 2

#213SPECIAL Special edition: Thank you!


A few times a month, you and roughly 1800 others receive this newsletter in their inboxes. To me this is absolutely incredible, and I want to thank you for investing a little bit of time in me, in this newsletter and in yourself. In order to show my appreciation and to remind myself what 1800 people looks like I have drawn a picture of you all. Actually it’s too drawing because I couldn’t fit you all on one page. See pictures below…

[Aside]: As always, let me know if I can help.

Special Exercise: Assess Your Impact

1. Grab your notebook and a pen

2. Prepare a page 5 by drawing a beautiful frame along the edge

Draw all the people who are affected by your work

If you have 100s or 1000s, just draw stick figures

If you have your fewer, try adding details. Names, how you know them. Give them a face.

Look at each person remember that they are each real people.

With love,


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