How can I help you?

I offer three kinds of help:

1/ A pre-recorded, super affordable Think Clearly Fundamentals course. It’s old and scruffy and it won’t win any awards, but it is full of passion and it will give you exactly enough to get going on your own.

2/ Live virtual courses about different topics (see below).

3/ Individual 1:1 guidance where I support you in unpacking, getting clarity and creating real and tangible progress on your personal or professional challenges and issues. Learn more. Launching late August!

Live courses

Agile Collaboration—Learn how to collaborate better, have fewer misunderstandings and solve problems faster through quick sketches, feedback and working in a fast and iterative way. For consultants, software developers, engineers and managers.

Agile Learning—Learn how to facilitate retrospectives where each person feels safe, invested and accountable in order to unlock deeper learnings for both individuals and the whole team. For scrum masters, project managers, team leaders and agile coaches who feel that their retros could become more powerful.

Anti-racist Algorithms—Learn how to build and work with Machine Learning and other algorithms without a computer science degree. For people who are committed to anti-racism, and want to fight biased algorithms but lack the technical skills to really be effective.

Joyful Work—Learn how to do the work you already do, using tools that are more joyful and pleasing. For people who love their jobs but are looking to integrate a more aesthetic dimension to it, while still being super effective.

The Art Of Learning—Learn how to actually learn. For anyone who wants to embark on a richer learning journey.

Remote Work Culture—Learn how to build deeper social bonds than you ever did while scurrying around the coffee machine, how to be more physically active and unlock more mental energy every day, and how to have virtual meetings that produce better outcomes. For teams who have recently switched to working remotely, who want to overcome Zoom-fatigue and social isolation.

All courses are sold on an individual ticket basis. Ticket-sales will open some time in July. First courses will begin in September.

More information to come.

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