How can I help you individually with your challenge?

I can help you by creating a Personal Workshop Journey—that is, a workshop just for you, designed and customized to your individual needs.

Together we will break the challenge into small and manageable steps that you can complete in 10 minutes or less, spread out over time. It all happens via WhatsApp and you pay only for a weekly subscription. It’s perfect for really busy people who don’t want yet another phone call or Zoom meeting on their calendar.

Not ready yet? Learn more about how it works and what you can expect below, or book a free no commitment 30 minute call and tell me about your dreams, ambitions and challenges.

1/ We start with a specific challenge

  • How do you find meaning in your work and build a career based on purpose? (while still providing for your loved ones)
  • How do you create joy and energy in your work? (even when work is so demanding)
  • How do you lead people from a place of vulnerability? (without losing authority etc.)
  • How do you use your creativity effectively? (even if your job title isn’t all about creativity in the first place)
  • Or perhaps there’s something else that is pressing for you? Tell me about it!
You can work on whatever challenge you are facing right now. Move on to other challenges or switch mid-way through. It’s up to you.

Don’t worry about picking the right or wrong challenge. We all face many challenges at once. Sometimes it’s good to just tackle a small one that has been nagging for a while because it builds confidence to tackle bigger things later. Other times it’s great to go straight to the biggest thing that we have been avoiding for too long. We can even begin by making a choice between the different challenges. No matter where you decide to start we can always move on or switch later.

2/ Setup a recurring payment plan

This is the easy part. After you’ve told me about your challenge and situation I will recommend a plan for you.

Plans starting at $15/week. No commitment. Cancel anytime. Find out if this process can help you too.

3/ Let’s get going

We communicate through WhatsApp

I will reach out to you with a small task that will help you begin unpacking the challenge. Most of these tasks will involve pen and paper and they are time bound, typically 8-10 minutes. You simply sit down, set a timer and follow the instructions until time is up. Then you send me a photo of what’s on your page.

When I receive your photo I will review and suggest a new task. After 3-5 tasks I will ask you to pause and reflect on what you have discovered. Maybe the challenge has changed a bit.

4/ You decide when you are done

Maybe you want to solve one thing and you’re done after the first week or two. Maybe you want to move on to other challenges and build the momentum. Maybe you just want to go a bit slower and a bit deeper. It’s really up to you. You can cancel anytime. There are no “coaching packages” where you have to commit to several months or years. My hope is that after a while you become so good at the process that you can do it on your own.

What this isn’t

This isn’t therapy and it’s not primarily a conversation. I also won’t solve your issues for you, or give feedback on a presentation you made or an article you’ve written. At least not as part of this engagement.

Plans starting at $15/week. No commitment. Cancel anytime. Reduced rate for people experiencing hardship.

Not yet in the need for individual support? Let’s still stay in touch

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