How can I help you individually with your challenge?

You can learn the method of thinking clearly and then apply it on your own. However, if you want me to guide you along the way on an individual level, here’s how it will work.

1/ Pick a specific challenge or issue you are facing right now

For example, one woman reached out because she had built a company with two other people. However, the third person wasn’t really pulling their weight and draining their energy. She couldn’t decided if she wanted to try to kick the person out.

A co-founder of another company had been approached about selling the company to a bigger firm. It wasn’t a deal yet and he was worried about pursuing it, but also felt that it was an opportunity to bring his life’s work to the next level.

One person was considering a divorce. Many people have want to step up their careers and are wondering about going back to school.

Don’t worry about picking the right or wrong challenge. We all face many challenges at once. Sometimes it’s good to just tackle a small one that has been nagging for a while because it builds confidence to tackle bigger things later. Other times it’s great to go straight to the biggest thing that we have been avoiding for too long. We can even begin by making a choice between the different challenges. No matter where you decide to start we can always move on or switch later.

2/ Setup a recurring payment plan

This is the easy part. When this offering launches in late August you will simply put in your credit card information and setup an automatic weekly or monthly payment plan. I expect pricing to be around $49 per week.

You also specify which channel you would like to work through: Twitter Direct Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

3/ Reach out to me with your challenge

When I receive your challenge I will respond with a small task that will help you begin unpacking the challenge. Most of these tasks will involve pen and paper and they are time bound, typically 8-10 minutes. You simply sit down, set a timer and follow the instructions until time is up. Then you send me a photo of what’s on your page.

When I receive your photo I will review and suggest a new task. After 3-5 tasks I will ask you to pause and reflect on what you have discovered. Maybe the challenge has changed a bit.

It’s up to you how quickly you complete each task. The goal isn’t to rush forward and try to get it over with. It’s much better to aim to get into a steady rhythm of making small but tangible progress every day. That’s also why my promise to you is that I will always respond within 24 hours.

4/ You decide when you are done

Maybe you want to solve one thing and you’re done after the first week. Maybe you want to move on to other challenges and build the momentum. Maybe you just want to go a bit slower and a bit deeper. It’s really up to you. You can cancel anytime. There are no “coaching packages” where you have to commit to months or years. My hope is that after a while you become so good at the process that you can do it on your own.

What this isn’t

This isn’t therapy and it’s not primarily a conversation. I also won’t solve your issues for you, or give feedback on a presentation you made or an article you’ve written. At least not as part of this engagement.

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