Exercises & Tools

I use a good hand full of tools when I facilitate processes and projects. Most of them are founded on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. I focus on the things that work in order to do more of that, as opposed to always looking for problems.



_Appreciative Interview. Uncover and articulate tacit knowledge in a group.

_Process Arrow. Discover a shared goal and create a map for the organization to follow.

_Planets & Moons. Generate and organize ideas in larger groups.

_Single-Minded Thinking. How to use branding and advertising techniques to organize concepts and ideas.

_And-then-what. Practical exercise in lateral thinking.

_Image cards. Describe something through images.

_Check-in. Discover who is here.

_Draw your life. Introduction and get to know each other.

_Inverse Brainstorm. Generate radical ideas.

_Acknowledge your fear. Help participants put their fear behind them.


P.s. I did not invent these exercises. I have tried them during my own training and I have used them in my own facilitation.


If you like my visuals I have created three visual cheat sheets that you are welcome to steal.


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