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#404 Think Clearly: The freedoms of a lead singer vs a backup singer

Audience: WU HUUU!

The star:  oh yeah!

Backup singer: PU-BI-DUB


Hello amazing!

Who is more free:  the main star of the show or the backup singer? The greatest performers Live in a world that constantly tells them that it is their show: their face is on the poster. But to do a great show, they must know in their hearts that what really matters is how much they can live: give back to the audience. For the backup singer it’s opposite: publicly it’s not about you, but privately you can simply enjoy yourself in the song. This is how I currently feel at Hyper Island, where I work: because it’s not “my show,” I get to enjoyed it a lot. Where are you in your work right now? Where would you Iike to be? Why?

With love ❤️