Will this make your life easier?

There are virtually unlimited products and services in the world that all promise to make your life easier. When you are on auto-pilot, following routines and trying to live up to the norms and expectations in society, convenience seems attractive. There’s enough to do. Why would I make anything more difficult for myself?

But when you are really making the important choices in life, most people still pick things that are hard yet meaningful over easy and meaningless.

We don’t need challenging professional careers. For millions of years we did fine without. But many of us still pick one.

Having and raising children can be enormously burdensome, yet most people still want more than one child.

Thinking clearly isn’t about convenience or an easy life, it’s about choice. To find out what you really actually want. To know why you want that, so you know that it’s not just something you’ve been taught to want.

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