Who is think clearly for?

I created it all for myself first. I had to learn how to think clearly because I wasn’t satisfied with the way I was living my life. I wanted to switch from a way of working that had made me succesful for a decade, predominantly building websites, but I no longer enjoyed the work itself.

I’ve since found myself in many other life transitions. Becoming a parent. Being let go from a job (see my Annual Report 2016 for that story). Moving to a new country. Trying to learn how to “take time off” when my work is my passion. It has always been particularly helpful when I’ve been going through a transition. Why? Because in transitions it’s so easy to feel like a pinball getting tossed around in the events. Thinking clearly has helped me remain focused and feel more like a pilot—even if there is rain, or fog, or clouds obstructing my view at times. It helps me feel like the controls are in my hands.

So if you find yourself in some sort of professional or personal transition and would like to feel like you are able to take the situation and calmly turn it into opportunities for yourself, then this is probably for you.

Here’s a simple test:

1/ Can you think of a time in your life where you have consciously chosen to do something that was really difficult because it felt meaningful, even though it would have been so much easier not to do it? Have you ever regretted this?

2/ Can you think of a time where you just wanted someone else to tell you what to do. Where you happily sacrificed your own agency and responsibility because it was easier? Have you ever regretted this?

It’s most likely that you have experienced and regretted both. However, which of these regrets seem more tolerable to you?

Who is this not for?

If you want a life on auto-pilot, where you don’t have to think critically about anything, then this most certainly isn’t for you.