Job board (unpaid, volunteer)

It is part of my mission to give away as much of my creative content as possible, with absolutely no strings attached, waiving all copyrights, and making it available for others to build on, enhance and spread. Read more about CC0 here.

Why? Because I think the only thing that is worse than someone taking my work, spreading it and making a fortune from it, is if the work and thus the ideas are not spread at all.

However, I have realized that in this phase of my life, I don’t have the mental bandwidth to properly sort and organize my archives of content in order to make it useful for others. That’s why I have this public job board with defined tasks that anyone can help me with, if they feel as strongly as I do about making information and ideas available.


All opportunities are unpaid volunteer work.


The ongoing work is coordinated through this Trello board. Have a look. 


Big projects

  • Take new and higher quality photos of all newsletters from my original drawings.
  • Capture, edit, organize and publish pages from my archive of old notebooks.
  • Translate newsletters, classes and other content to other languages.


Reach out to me on if you are interested in helping out.