Learn the basics with pen and paper

Do you want to have amazing and beautiful notebooks? Do you wish that you could sometimes get away from the screen and do actual work in your notebook without interruptions? 

This class is for you.

Digital tools like iPhones, laptops and email are amazing for many things. But for thinking big and capturing beautiful visions and ideas, without constant interruptions, nothing beats a good notebook and pen.

In this class you will learn the absolutely essential skills that I use in almost everything in my life.


I recommend that you complete the first two modules right away. This will help you understand why pen and paper is so great, and guide you to find the best tools.


module 1 — Introduction

Module 2 — Tools

Module 3 — Getting started

Module 4 — Legible handwriting

Module 5 — Basic drawing

Module 6 — Visual resume

Module 7 — Tips & tricks

Module 8 — Build a habit

Module 9 — Example notebook

Module 10 — Final summary